Saturday, June 15, 2013

Welcome, foster kittens!

As many of you probably know, this time of year is kitten season, and the animal shelters are full to capacity with homeless critters. To help deal with the overflow, Dekalb County Animal Services has come up with a creative solution: they're recruiting local businesses to foster some kittens in their shops! We're very excited to be one of the local merchants partnering with DCAS on this project.

And now, without further ado, please put on your special kitten-viewing glasses. You're about to be blinded by cuteness.

So. much. adorableness.
These three babies joined us yesterday and we've been having a ball getting to know them. There are two girls and one boy, and DCAS says they're about seven weeks old. In the short time they've been here, we can already tell they each have very different personalities.

Meet Merino, aka Dan Merino. He is a total love bug and his main hobby is purring as loudly as possible. He purrs while snuggling...while eating...while just hanging out. He's also a sassy little guy, eager to voice his opinion with a squeaky "mew!"

Have you passed out from cuteness yet?
This little munchkin is Pima. She's named after the world's finest cotton and is vying for the title of "world's finest kitten." She's the smallest of the litter, but judging by the amount of time she spends with her face in the kibble dish, she won't be a runt for long. And just look at those pretty stripes!

Kitten in motion!
Last but not least, here's D.K. (Darling Kitten? Devil Kitten? You decide!) She was the most difficult to photograph, because quite simply, she is far TOO BUSY to sit still long enough to pose for pictures. Whether climbing the shelves of her cage, pouncing on her siblings, or batting a toy around with her paw, this little sweetie-pie is a kitten on the go!

These babies will be staying with us until they find their forever homes. If you're interested in making one (or more) of them part of your family, you can fill out DCAS's adoption application (we can print one out for you at the shop). They'll be ready to go in about three weeks, after they're big enough to get spayed or neutered. In the meantime, they can be "pre-adopted" so your favorite can be reserved for you. The adoption fee is $75 and includes spaying/neutering and all shots that are needed up to the date of adoption. That's a real bargain for a lifetime of love!

Stop by and meet these cuties, and please spread the word to anyone you know who might be looking to bring a new furry friend (or two...or three) into their lives.


  1. thank you so much for helping thesse kittens

    pat camp

  2. Consider adopting more than one. Two (or three) kittens provide each other with exercise, social interaction, and mental stimulation. Cats housed together have more opportunity to “just be cats”!

  3. Thank you! This is a HUGE help to DeKalb!

    Aubrey Bowen

    P.S. - I just love thinking of these kitties playing with fancy shmancy yarn all day instead of being in the shelter...what a fitting foster shop! :-)

  4. Thank you all for your kind words. We love having the kittens here and being able to help them find permanent families!

  5. I just lost one of my cats to kidney disease - she was a gray tabby. Are all of the kittens spoken for?